Assign a Loved One as your Caregiver

New York’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) empowers Medicaid-eligible patients to hire, monitor and terminate their own home caregivers. CDPAP gives elderly, disabled or ill individuals independence and control.

CDPAP is a New York State program that empowers you to hire and manage your own Caregiver, even a loved one! We take care of the paperwork, including making sure your Caregiver gets paid, while you focus on getting better and staying better.

Discuss your need for CDPAP services during your consultation with a Park Avenue Homecare Coordinator, provided free of charge.

Park Avenue Homecare specializes in CDPAP services, recognizing the need for family support of the disabled, as well as the need for allowing disabled people, both children and adults, to remain in the community. New York families have recognized us for our commitment to self-directed care, which has pronounced benefits to the patient’s well-being.

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