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Why Park Avenue?

Why Park Avenue?

Our staff members are meticulously selected, based on the highest standards of service and professionalism

We conduct in-depth interviews which include pre-employment performance evaluations, to ensure that you can trust our staff’s dedication and competence. Additionally, we perform thorough background checks—so you can feel secure and comfortable having them around.


When choosing someone to aid the elderly, a caring personality is essential. In the assessment of potential employees, we search for those with previous experience in the personal care giving industry and choose only the most qualified candidates. Our staff members demonstrate a friendly and pleasant demeanor under all circumstances, while maintaining full focus when performing their duties. The care is provided with the utmost dignity, comfort and sensitivity to the well-being of the client.

You Choose

We understand that choosing the right caregiver—AND scheduling times that work for you—are of paramount importance. Nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction, so you choose your caregiver and the hours during which they come. Feeling comfortable with your caregiver is essential and our goal is to accommodate you in every way possible.


We view the client/ family/ caregiver relationship as a team.  All parties are kept informed and involved in all details regarding the client’s care.  We are passionately committed to quality of service and coordinating collaborative efforts to assure that the ultimate level of care is provided in all areas.


Our coordinators are vigilantly working to make sure that there is always progress and organization with the services we offer. We are vigilant in ensuring that our staff go above and beyond legally required standards. All staff activity is monitored and all aspects of care are logged, evaluated and can be verified at any time. In addition to making sure your personal requests are addressed right away, we appoint personnel to actively monitor the status of our clients to make sure the service provided is the best it can be.

Cultural Understanding

Park Avenue caregivers don’t just speak your language, we speak your culture. At your request, we can appoint caregivers who are familiar with your language, social customs, and religious/cultural heritage. Having someone who is well-versed in your culture, eases the process of bringing them into your home, and makes the experience all the more pleasant. This is just another way Park Avenue Home Care ensures comfort and total care.

Our most important goal is to provide service with professional and capable caregivers who regard our clients with the utmost respect, empathy and compassion