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About us

Being a Park Avenue Home Care Provider is more than just a job

It’s about a genuine relationship that each home care provider fosters with his/her client, one that is characterized by trust, security, comfort and the ultimate level of caring. Our highly qualified and dedicated staff members provide every possible need with unique sensitivity and compassion.


With Park Avenue Home Care, your family can be assured that your loved one will be receiving top-quality care and treatment in their own environment.


The Park Avenue Difference

When selecting a service provider, nothing is more important than reliability. The knowledge that everything will be taken care of engenders feelings of security and contentment. At Park Avenue Home Care, we prize this value above all.

Our policy has always been to ensure that our clients can rely on us for the complete coordination of all their needs. We diligently manage a complete range of tasks in a timely and organized fashion—from basic requirements such as social interaction, meal preparation and scheduling, to coordinating all appointments, and procuring specialized medical equipment. We also are vigilant about monitoring and documenting the most subtle changes in our client’s emotional, mental and physical wellbeing—so you rest assured that your loved one’s health and safety is actively supervised at all times. You wouldn’t overlook anything, and neither do we.

You deserve only the absolutely best care for your loved ones. Park Avenue Home Care takes pride in filling that need, giving your loved one an unparalleled home care experience.