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Our Staff

Park Avenue Home Care provides a
complete range of care providers

Park Avenue Home Care staff members are fully licensed in their respective fields and operate with full compliance of Local, State and Federal laws with regard to their conduct and professional responsibilities. Your loved one will be assigned a specific steam of staff members and care providers, based on the needs and specifications determined by your individual care plan assessment.

Registered Nurse

Nurses conduct regular assessments and tests to determine current physical health status. They care for wounds, treat ailments and administer medications as needed. They also provide information and instruction to clients and their families, and submit data to client’s physicians.

Social Worker

A Social Worker is a valuable piece of the homecare puzzle. He/she assists a new client with any adjustment issues and facilitates comfortable integration for client and family members with home care services. Social Workers also provide information on relevant outside resources available to their clients.

Home Health Aide

To assist clients with their day to day activities, a Home health Aide is appointed. Common tasks assigned to a Home Health Aide include: bathing; dressing; cooking and preparation of food; running errands; shopping; accompaniment to and from doctor’s appointments; and assistance with any other general non-medical needs.

Physical Therapist

When clients have an ailment that limits their movement or general ability to perform day-to-day tasks, they will receive care from a Physical Therapist. Treatment consists of therapy that will promote better mobility, pain reduction, disability prevention and basic physical function restoration. A Physical Therapist also educates a client and his/her family on appropriate methods for maintaining fitness and promoting better physical health.

Occupational Therapist

An Occupational Therapist works with a client to encourage greater independence and a more productive lifestyle. Occupational Therapists conduct exercises to promote physical dexterity, coordination, reasoning, memory, problem solving, and decision making, to increase aptitude in maneuverability and competence with basic daily tasks. They also educate patients and their families on appropriate methods for maintaining these skills.