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At Park Avenue Home Care, we are always looking to help our clients find the best financing arrangements possible. We want our premium services to be available to all.


Depending on the specific planned budget established with our care plan specialists, billing for services can range from bi-monthly to monthly. All charges are based on the client’s specific needs as well as how often and which caregiver is administering the services provided. Invoices—detailing all the client’s information and services rendered—are submitted with each billing. Payment is accepted in the form of Major Credit Card, Bank Transfer and personal check.

Before all services are provided, a detailed assessment of the patient’s needs is conducted and results are mailed to the primary billing address.This assessment is done by a team that consists of one of our care plan coordinators, a registered nurse and a social worker. All medical and social needs and preferences are established to get an approximation of the client’s general needs and to budget a
general pricing for the services required.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care is provided to those who are unable to independently perform basic daily tasks due to chronic medical, physical or mental conditions, or injuries that qualify as disability. In New York State, this insurance is either sold under the New York State Partnership for Long-Term Care or by traditional non-Partnership insurance agencies. Medicare, Medigap, and traditional health and disability insurance typically do not cover long-term care services on their own.

Partnership insurance combines private long-term care insurance and Medicaid Extended Coverage, and allows policy holders to protect their assets if they require long-term care beyond the period covered by their private policy.

Other Funding Resources

Other Funding Resources include Life Insurance Conversion which converts part of one’s death benefit into a long-term care benefit to be paid to their care provider. Veteran Aid is for qualified war veterans and their spouses and is acceptable to cover private pay long-term care. Reverse Mortgage is a loan that covers long-term care with a loan taken through one’s home equity. This program is insured by the federal government.

Speak to one of our care plan specialists for more information on home care financing options.